It’s where you will find yourself.

When we first started our travel site, we were truly lost. We were the classic and cliched travel story – we both lost our jobs within two months of each other and in between those two months, we got married.

We were scared, confused and in love. We had money put away for our honeymoon to Thailand. Wisdom told us to save it, put it away, play it safe – everything else told us to GO. Go anyway. Break the rules. We decided if we went on our trip, we had to make something. We had to create something, something beautiful, a piece of art.

We made our first travel video and we were hooked.

Many countries later, many years later and we’re still chasing it. Once you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, it’s pretty hard to find the cure anywhere else but on the road.

As we’ve matured (ahem), so has our work. Our photographs, writing and videos have all evolved with each trip, each new experience, each old experience that is made new through travel.

Check our mini-guides and photography and essays. Poke through our thoughts and visions and dreams, we don’t mind – that’s what we promised.

Traveling, even just down the block, is a way to experience yourself differently.
“I’ve never met a stranger.”


  • Net

We Leapt, Still No Net. We’ll Go Up Higher

INDIA. Seriously. After my 10-day meditation retreat, I was filled with much peace. I got a message from one of the women from the retreat and she mentioned how good life has been [...]

  • Smriti van

50 Things To Do In Jaipur – Smriti Van

The next on my 50 Things To Do In Jaipur list is NATURE. NATURE!!!! Oh my gosh, nature. Next up is Smriti Van - A Bio Diversity Forest. The article says: Enjoy the [...]

  • Chicken Changezi

50 Things To Do In Jaipur – Chicken Changezi at MM Kahn Hotel

The next on my list of 50 Things To Do In Jaipur was meant to be a casual outing, a dinner for two at a local eatery. Turns out it was a bit [...]

  • Tapri The Tea House

50 Things To Do In Jaipur – Tapri – The Tea House

Next on the list of 50 Things To Do In Jaipur, a romantic spot with one of the best views of any city ever! Here’s Tapri The Tea House! The article says.: Enjoy some awesome cutting chai and maska bun on a rainy day, at Tapri – The Tea House, a charming little cafe started by a couple of friends after quitting their corporate jobs. With two branches in the city, it’s the favourite hang-out spot of the young crowd of Jaipur. Why yes, Maska Bun is my new nickname, thank you for asking! I also had to look up what “cutting chai” was. It’s a half-glass of chai instead of a full glass – if you get a cutting chai, then it costs less and it means you can have more chai later! Seriously on the chai though, I promise you, you have never had chai in the West like you get in India. The street chai especially is unbelievable. Also, there are no more “rainy days” in Jaipur. Each day is 100 degrees (dry heat THANK YOU) and bright, bright sun. But I am happy to say, not knowing what a great view awaited us, we did manage to pick the best time to go to Tapri – sunset! The view from Tapri looks down on Jaipur and Central Park. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that in IMO, Jaipur does three things REALLY well – sunsets, rooftops and courtyards. Tapri hits two of the three AND you get to have chai AND maybe you get a new nickname (what up Maska Bun!?) When we made it up to the rooftop of Tapri, most people were still inside and we were confused why we were the only people outside. […]

  • Jaipur Book Lovers

50 Things To Do In Jaipur: The Jaipur Book Lovers Club

The next one on my list, I'll admit, I was a little nervous about. Now, I've been wandering the streets of Jaipur, alone, for like, 45 days now. I let go of nervous [...]

  • The moustache

The Madam & The Moustache – Travel John 2.0

Traveling with John is really an amazing thing. The man was India-famous before we even got here and now that we're here, he's even more famous. When I went on my Heritage Tour [...]

  • Jawahar Kala Kendra

50 Things To Do In Jaipur – Jawahar Kala Kendra

Oh man! OH MAN. This one, THIS one is the best one so far. Next on my 50 Things To Do In Jaipur is: Jawahar Kala Kendra! When I told our host, Mr. [...]

  • Jaipur Metro

50 Things To Do In Jaipur – Ride the Metro

I'm pretty much loving this list, it's definitely helping me see Jaipur and my assignment for today DEFINITELY helped me see more of the city, because today is! Ride the Jaipur Metro. The [...]

Questions About India And Answers To The Questions

Hello! I have received questions about India from various friends and family, so here is a post to answer them. Is there fresh water available? YES! I mean, no! Wait. Sort of? There [...]

  • World Trade Park

50 Things To Do In Jaipur – World Trade Park

Bokay! It's not all street food and star-gazing around here. Next up on my 50 Things To Do In Jaipur is.... World Trade Park! The article states: You'll fall in love with the fascinating [...]

  • Aunty's cafe

50 Things To Do In Jaipur – Aunty’s Cafe

Next on my list of 50 Things To Do In Jaipur Like A Local? Aunty's Cafe! The article says: #26. Try out the best street food at Aunty's Cafe, in C-Scheme, one of the [...]

50 Things To Do In Jaipur – Jantar Mantar

And for my next 5o Things To Do In Jaipur, (in which I am doing all 50 things on the list) we have... JANTAR MANTAR! It's not only fun to say, it comes [...]