It’s where you will find yourself.

When we first started our travel site, we were truly lost. We were the classic and cliched travel story – we both lost our jobs within two months of each other and in between those two months, we got married.

We were scared, confused and in love. We had money put away for our honeymoon to Thailand. Wisdom told us to save it, put it away, play it safe – everything else told us to GO. Go anyway. Break the rules. We decided if we went on our trip, we had to make something. We had to create something, something beautiful, a piece of art.

We made our first travel video and we were hooked.

Many countries later, many years later and we’re still chasing it. Once you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, it’s pretty hard to find the cure anywhere else but on the road.

As we’ve matured (ahem), so has our work. Our photographs, writing and videos have all evolved with each trip, each new experience, each old experience that is made new through travel.

Check our mini-guides and photography and essays. Poke through our thoughts and visions and dreams, we don’t mind – that’s what we promised.

Traveling, even just down the block, is a way to experience yourself differently.
“I’ve never met a stranger.”


  • Whole 30

Whole 30 – Day 2 – IT’S FINE

WHOLE 30 Hi, I'm Margaret, and I'm a carbaholic. (HELLO MARGARET!) No lie. I really am a carb addict I think. I like sugar and carbs and bread. I've been eating bread a [...]

  • Meditation Year 2

The Meditation Game: Year Two

Two years now I've had a meditation practice. Wow. I feel really no different from Minute One, Year One! That's not true though, a lot has changed, a lot is different. I'm different [...]

Niece and Nephew TRICKED into tasting Durian Candy

  • mkeriver

Milwaukee – Great City on a Great Lake

I grew up in Chicago and I am horrified, ashamed and sad to admit that I have never gone to Milwaukee. I don't know why either! Because I'll tell you what, I freaking [...]

  • IMG_5539

We’re Throwing a Pop-Up Restaurant!

What? No. Yes. Really? Yes. My friends (& design client) CoCo Vietnamese Sandwiches have gifted me a night to do anything I want with. A night they would normally be at [...]

  • iFly_Featured

She Flies, He Flies, We All Fly at iFly

John and I got an invitation through Travel Massive to go to iFLY, an indoor skydiving place in Naperville. INDOOR SKYDIVING. We took a shuttle (I love shuttles, the more I travel, the [...]

  • FloatFeatured

I Went To A Sensory Deprivation Tank and LIVED.

My lovely friend Melisa over at Suburban Scrawl has been enjoying floating in sensory deprivation tanks. Melisa lives out in the 'burbs, so we have lady dates, sometimes in the city, sometimes in [...]

  • GBFeatured

A Love Letter to Gold Bond Friction Defense

Dear Gold Bond Friction Defense, Hi! My name is Margaret Hicks. Hi! I'm so excited to talk to you, er, write you. WHATEVER. I'm just really excited and I'll tell you why, but [...]

  • EpicFeatured

Five EPIC walks

If you are ready to leave father and mother, and brother and sister, and wife and child and friends, and never see them again — if you have paid your debts, and made [...]

  • LF_Chicago_Feature

Tourist In My Own City – Chicago

Classic story of living in Chicago and never doing the fun things the tourists get to do, so this week I went on TWO different Chicago tours and it was so fun! RECOMMEND! [...]

  • Budd1

Year One Meditation: Sit, Stay, Heal

Comparing meditation to dog training? Not that far off. Dogs need boundaries, they like rules, they're happier when there's control. The mind is the same way, if you let it run all around [...]

  • HeritageFeatured2

Mr. Singh, Richard Gere and Exotic Marigold Hotels

When we went to India in 2010, John booked our hotel in Jaipur. It's not unusual that John booked a hotel for us, but we usually did it together and honestly, in the [...]



Jaipur Mini Guide

We came to Jaipur the way everyone should come to anything, by smooth, clean, fast-ridin' train. John memorized the route to our hotel via satellite and got us within feet [...]

Bombay Shop

Mumbai Mini Guide

To maximize our time in India, we needed our last city to contain an international airport. So the choice to end in Bombay/Mumbai seemed obvious. The massive size of the [...]

We felt like kids staying in a treehouse!

Koh Chang Mini Guide

, ,

We chose Koh Chang for it's proximity to Bangkok & it's distance AWAY from Phuket. Where We Stayed The story of how we found our home on [...]


Chiang Mai Mini Guide

, ,

We took the night train to Chiang Mai. Oh yes we did. I thought it would be a pleasant experience, that's how I remembered it from years before, but the train [...]


Halong Bay Mini Guide


INJA! As my friend John Alcott would say. Why India? So many people asked and some understood the answer, some didn't. For me, the answer is - it's the [...]

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 7.42.16 PM

Fes Mini Guide

We arrived in Fes broken and tired. We had come  through the Sahara and shat out the other side in Fes. I was sick, John was tired and our private [...]