It’s where you will find yourself.

When we first started our travel site, we were truly lost. We were the classic and cliched travel story – we both lost our jobs within two months of each other and in between those two months, we got married.

We were scared, confused and in love. We had money put away for our honeymoon to Thailand. Wisdom told us to save it, put it away, play it safe – everything else told us to GO. Go anyway. Break the rules. We decided if we went on our trip, we had to make something. We had to create something, something beautiful, a piece of art.

We made our first travel video and we were hooked.

Many countries later, many years later and we’re still chasing it. Once you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, it’s pretty hard to find the cure anywhere else but on the road.

As we’ve matured (ahem), so has our work. Our photographs, writing and videos have all evolved with each trip, each new experience, each old experience that is made new through travel.

Check our mini-guides and photography and essays. Poke through our thoughts and visions and dreams, we don’t mind – that’s what we promised.

Traveling, even just down the block, is a way to experience yourself differently.
“I’ve never met a stranger.”


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