It’s where you will find yourself.

When we first started our travel site, we were truly lost. We were the classic and cliched travel story – we both lost our jobs within two months of each other and in between those two months, we got married.

We were scared, confused and in love. We had money put away for our honeymoon to Thailand. Wisdom told us to save it, put it away, play it safe – everything else told us to GO. Go anyway. Break the rules. We decided if we went on our trip, we had to make something. We had to create something, something beautiful, a piece of art.

We made our first travel video and we were hooked.

Many countries later, many years later and we’re still chasing it. Once you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, it’s pretty hard to find the cure anywhere else but on the road.

As we’ve matured (ahem), so has our work. Our photographs, writing and videos have all evolved with each trip, each new experience, each old experience that is made new through travel.

Check our mini-guides and photography and essays. Poke through our thoughts and visions and dreams, we don’t mind – that’s what we promised.

Traveling, even just down the block, is a way to experience yourself differently.
“I’ve never met a stranger.”


Green Grass – Looks Nice Over That Way Yah

So, I've had a number of people express a sense of envy at our trip - for the meditation retreat, etc. It really all is the chance of a lifetime, all of it, [...]

Dhamma Thali – 10 Day Meditation Retreat

I'm back from my Dhamma Thali 10-Day Meditation Retreat. I'm well. Very well. Happy to be back. This is a long post, but hell, I've been gone for 10 days, should it be [...]

My Bicycle Tour of Jaipur, India

As a tour guide, I know that taking a tour can change everything. I wanted something early (it's hot here, really hot) and not a walking tour (it's hot here, really hot) and [...]

The Dichotomies of Jaipur – I’m Ok, I Like It

Thank you to everyone who read the Western Woman rant post and understood and believed and left comments. Thank you. That was a hard post to write because my American politeness didn't want [...]

Rant of the Western Woman – Same Ole Same Ole

John and I just got back from an early morning walk, we thought it would be nice and quiet so early in the morning. And it turned out to be one of the [...]

Damma Thali – My Real Adventure

I lean Buddhist, best way to put it. And that is the closest I've ever gotten to being "religious." My family is not a religious family. My father was an active and adamant [...]

India – Day One Musings

HERE! After a very long flight (14 hours from Newark to Delhi) we made it. Through customs to the Indian guy holding a sign with our name on it (Mr. Margaret Hicks) to [...]

Chicago Comfort

We had a few issues with this website, so I was blogging on blogspot for a bit, but now we're back up and running over here and this is where we'll be for [...]

  • Pretty women

Saying Hello To Pretty Women

For the past year, I've been practicing smiling at people. It's hard, we all know it's hard, but in Chicago it's easier I think. We're pretty smiley at each other most of the [...]

Letting Go By Adding On – A Girl & Her Tattoo

I have four tattoos. One on my toe, it's just a general design, I got that in Indonesia. I have one on my hip, it's the symbol for the zodiac sign Leo, got [...]

Travel John – My Goal As His Wife

I'm not sure when we discovered "Travel John." It must have been right after, or during, our first trip to Thailand. But he's a very specific guy. He's different than Chicago John, no better [...]

Halfway/All In – Our MidLife Solution

Things are changing. After a solid seven years of things being remarkably the same. Now they're changing. It's a "midlife" something for sure, but I don't think it's a crisis. I looked up antonyms [...]


Jaipur Mini Guide

We came to Jaipur the way everyone should come to anything, by smooth, clean, fast-ridin' train. John memorized the route to our hotel via satellite and got us within feet [...]

Mumbai Mini Guide

To maximize our time in India, we needed our last city to contain an international airport. So the choice to end in Bombay/Mumbai seemed obvious. The massive size of the [...]

Koh Chang Mini Guide

, ,

We chose Koh Chang for it's proximity to Bangkok & it's distance AWAY from Phuket. Where We Stayed The story of how we found our home on [...]

Chiang Mai Mini Guide

, ,

We took the night train to Chiang Mai. Oh yes we did. I thought it would be a pleasant experience, that's how I remembered it from years before, but the train [...]

Halong Bay Mini Guide


INJA! As my friend John Alcott would say. Why India? So many people asked and some understood the answer, some didn't. For me, the answer is - it's the [...]

Fes Mini Guide

We arrived in Fes broken and tired. We had come  through the Sahara and shat out the other side in Fes. I was sick, John was tired and our private [...]