Next on my 50 Things To Do In Jaipur is a replacement for a place that is no longer open.

Next on my list is Papacream! More ice cream. Oh man, this is rough, you know how I hate this. This project is so hard on me!

The different article recommended to me by the author of the 50 Things author, says:

Papa Cream is a ten on ten when it comes to the wide array of tasteful ice creams prepared from liquid nitrogen. A famous name in Mumbai for the handcrafted, premium ice creams, Papa Cream expanded to give the Jaipurites, a taste of its divine ice creams!

The reason Papacream spoke to me is that they have Pani Puri sorbet! I’ve been eating a lot of Pani Puri as part of this project, so it seemed like a perfect connection.

Plus, you know, ice cream.

When I went to Papacream, the Pani Puri sorbet wasn’t available. This happens here, by the way, the very thing you go someplace for just doesn’t exist for whatever reason. I’ve found it a lot with wifi especially, “FREE WIFI!! WE HAVE WIFI” and then yeah, no you don’t.

But you know, it wasn’t the end of the world for me, I figured I tried right? So I might as well just try something else!

This is them making my fine ice cream with liquid nitrogen. FANCE.

What I ended up getting was a simple scoop of mint chip ice cream. It just sounded so fresh and good. And it really was yummy. Chocolate chips are hard to come by in this town and it was nice to see my pretty friends again.


As I was eating my ice cream, I was tasting something, “what is this?” I wondered, “what is this weird taste in my mint chip ice cream?”


Lol, like, actual mint. I laughed to myself.

I’m not even sure what’s next on the list, Akshadham Temple? Maybe!?