Who are
Margaret & John?

Lost and Found Travel is John and Margaret (hi). We’re married, we’re improvisers, we’re travelers and most of all, we’re weird and fun and funny and we like sharing what we’ve learned, sometimes the hard way!

We started traveling together in 2008 after we got married and our standard 9-5 lives fell apart. We went to Thailand and got the bug. After we got home we promised to make travel a priority in our lives.

Here at Lost and Found, we’re more interested in showing rather than telling. We promise you’re not going to get a lot of videos with our big heads covering what it is you came here to see. We’d rather show you the destination, the food, or the beach.

John is a professional videographer, photographer and an all around really cute guy. (Hey who’s writing this thing anyway??). When he’s at home, he freelances and restores vintage travel film by adding sound from all the places we’ve been.

Margaret took her passion for her city (Chicago), for travelers and traveling  and started her own tour business, Chicago Elevated. Now Margaret runs one of the top 5 rated tour companies in the city, and she couldn’t be happier. She is also VERY cute. (HEY!)

Lost and Found is about what we have found out in the world, together. We just love travel – so any given day you might see a beautiful photograph, some footage from the World’s Fair in Japan. You might read about how Margaret almost lost her nuts on the Moroccans or see a video about the worst and best thing to eat, ever.

In any case, we’re glad you’re here. Check around, ask us anything and most of all, enjoy.

Margaret and John


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