Back to Hanoi for a night before we take a night train (ACK) from Hanoi to Sapa, the mountains. It should be cooler and more comfortable there.

Alas, a couple of more thoughts on Hanoi:

I know not enough of Communism or Socialism, but I will tell you this – I haven’t seen one beggar. Not one. No one lounging homeless in the streets. No one grabbing my sleeve begging for dong. (THAT IS THE VIETNAMESE MONEY, not me making a gross joke).

They do eat dog. We saw the dog. Cooked whole and ready to go. We are NOT showing you that… At first I thought they were pigs stacked high one on top of the other, but then I wondered why their tails looked so strange – ah…dogs. Slightly disturbing but we’ve traveled enough at least to know that all of that stuff is cultural. The Muslims look at us and wonder how in the world we eat pig. We just couldn’t understand it because there just is no fat on a dog, I don’t think it would taste real good. Apparently there are only a breeds of dogs that are fit for eating, so I don’t’ think they’re just pulling dogs off the street and eating them. We have a photo of the cooked dogs, but I will not post them here. Instead I will post this puppy:


There is no one giving a hard sell around here. There aren’t the million t-shirt shops for the tourist, not a lot of western-style restaurants. Nothing is totally catered to the tourist which is a really strange thing.

Here is a pic of the little stools. We, (especially John, cause he’s twice the size of the Vietnamese) are terrified of breaking these lil stools when we sit down.


There still has not been one, not one McDonalds. There is nothing, no Swensons, no Taco Bell, none of the “B” restaurants that I have seen in every other place.

There is a definite tourist track here, everyone is doing what we’re doing – a night in Hanoi, then to Ha Long. A night again in Hanoi and off to Sapa, back to Hanoi, off to Ho Chi Minh (Saigon). It keeps Hanoi feeling a little disjointed to me.

Every hotel serves breakfast. Little omelets, pineapple, dragon fruit, tea, baguettes, it’s so awesome.

We found these clothes by the lake. It’s a full-on outfit, with bra and panties included. I think it must be the beginning of The Rapture.

Empty Clothes