Our hotel recommendation for Old Delhi is one of our more interesting ones. Read on, read on.

John and I had been to Thailand before, but India. India is not Thailand. Little did we know this as we drove through Delhi at 2:00 in the morning.

After our ridiculously long flight (13 hours, then 7 hours) we arrived in Delhi and zipped through the quiet roads. As we got closer to Old Delhi, honestly? I panicked a little bit. Parts of it looked like a war-zone. Crumbled buildings, tarps everywhere, rocks and stones strewn about the street. And it was quiet, so quiet, cause it was 3 in the morning.

We went through some small gangways and our dropped us off at what looked like the darkest corner of the darkest city that had been ruined for 200 years.

And then our eyes caught it, the neon lights of the Hotel Tara Palace.

There aren’t that many hotels in Old Delhi, New Delhi, you bet – hotels everywhere of every type. But in Old Delhi – it’s basically the Hotel Tara Palace.

Now, I’m not about to state that this is the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed at – it’s not. It was a bit basic, our hosts were nice but I couldn’t shake the feeling they kept wondering what we were doing there. The restaurant was okay, it certainly helped us those first few days when we were nervous and not sure what to eat…and we met some other travelers there, so that was nice too.

The thing about Hotel Tara Palace is that it’s there. Right there in the middle of Old Delhi. And it’s clean mostly and quiet mostly and helpful mostly.

You’re not going to be blown away by the Tara Palace, but you will be comfortable, safe and full.

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