Shouting Out To Our YouTube Friends #1 – GNYBerlin

Jan 8, 2013 2 347 Views

I just wanted to take a minute and acknowledge the YouTubers we have connected with over the years. Each of these friends is also a recommended channel on our channel page. They are the ones I make an extra point to check back in with as a viewer. We figured you might like them.

#1 is easy. Luci at GNYBerlin. She is a true mentor and friend. In one-minute looks at the places she travels, Luci gives you easily 450 seconds worth of visual love. Add to that her great taste in music AND her ability to source it. Come to think of it, my first “Berlin Minute” was a live Pavement performance she recorded. Enough gushing. Let the lady’s work speak for itself…


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2 Comments for "Shouting Out To Our YouTube Friends #1 – GNYBerlin"


Posted on Friday 11th January, 2013, 11:48am

Wow, you guys are just too kind. Thank you so much for recommending me and for watching my videos. It’s been amazing knowing you online since episode 3 (!!!) and meeting you in person in Chicago in 2011!
I’m truly sorry not all 141 minutes are on YouTube right now and that all your lovely comments and our conversations have disappeared. I still hope YouTube will do the right thing… if not I’ll re-upload soon. (Btw, all “In A Berlin Minute” and “In A Brooklyn Minute” videos are still here:
xo Luci



Posted on Saturday 12th January, 2013, 11:46am

Ah Luci! We will totally start using your vimeo account too when telling the world about how awesome you are!

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