The Sister Cities Project – Eating The World @Home

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We love to travel obviously right?

But we love home too, Chicago is the greatest city in the world.

We have everything; tall buildings, Lake Shore Drive, tons of great food…and believe it or not, Chicago has more international sister cities than any other US city.

I wrote about The Sister Cities program on my Chicago tour guide blog at Chicago Elevated, but it’s a not-for-profit meant to spread the word on Chicago being a global city and we learn more about the world too. It’s about sharing ideas across teh world. How great is that?

We think the International Sister Cities program is pretty cool, SO!


Lost and Found Travel is introducing The Sister Cities Project. We will choose and then eat a dish from each one of our 28 sister cities. And because Chicago is so diverse and excellent, we’ll be visiting all of these countries without ever leaving the city.

AND! We are hooking up with Chevy, who is providing us with a Sonic for our two-week date with destiny. We’ll be using their BringGo App to help us locate the restaurants and make sure we don’t get lost, which could totally happen otherwise. Their app connects right with a smartphone, so it’s going to make our project that much easier and safer!

We’ll post our first video on August 21st and post our last one right before we leave for Vietnam in October.


We have all the dishes picked out for each city, but Chicagoans! We could really use your help finding some great restaurants to try these dishes. Below I have laid out all of our cities and the dish associated – if you have any ideas where we can find these dishes, please let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page!

Thank you and we’re really excited to show off our sister cities and our very own city as well. We are family!


City Country Food
Accra Ghana Fufu
Amman Jordan Mansaf
Athens Greece Spanakopita
Belgrade Serbia Rostilj
Birmingham England Chip Butty
Bogota Columbia columbian tamal!
Busan Korea Dongnae pajeon- seafood pancake
Casablanca Morocco couscous
Delhi India paranthe
Durban South Africa Bunny Chow
Galway Ireland Galway Oysters
Gothenberg Sweden Meatball/Mash/Lingonberry
Hamburg Germany Steckrubeneintapf
Kyiv Ukraine Chicken Kiev
Lahore Pakistan Gosht Karahi
Lucerne Switzerland Schnitzel
Mexico City Mexico Torta
Milan Italy Risotto alla Milanese
Moscow Russia Caviar Blini
Osaka Japan Tako Yaki
Paris France Croissant
Petach Tikva Israel Fallafel
Prague Czech Republic Roast Pork and Dumplings
Shenyang China Liaobian Dumpling
Shanghai China Xiaolongbao
Toronto Canada Peameal Bacon Sandwich
Vilnius Lithuania Bacon buns
Warsaw Poland Pierogi

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8 Comments for "The Sister Cities Project – Eating The World @Home"

The Sister Cities Project | Chicago Elevated

Posted on Sunday 11th August, 2013, 3:53pm

[…] Chicago is the greatest of them all. So to celebrate cities all over the world, John and I started The Sister Cities Project. We’re going to try a sample food from every one of Chicago’s sister cities. The cool […]

Stephen Boisvert

Posted on Thursday 15th August, 2013, 6:30am

Chip Butty is merely English. If you want a Birmingham dish it absolutely MUST be a Balti – A Bengali or Pakistani curry served in a bowl.

Thomas A

Posted on Thursday 15th August, 2013, 7:48am

Love Chicago for its endlessly diverse cuisines. Great project and best of luck.

Greek: Greek Islands or Melanthios
Israel: Taboun Grill
Sweden: Tre Kronor
Polish: Staropolska
Moroccan: Shokran
Germany: Chicago Brauhaus
Lithuania: Grand Duke’s
Czech: Czech Plaza
Columbia: Sabor a Cafe



Posted on Tuesday 20th August, 2013, 8:30am

STEPHEN! This is exactly what we’re looking for. Done and done, we’ll find it AND EAT IT!



Posted on Tuesday 20th August, 2013, 8:35am

Beautiful Thomas! Thank you for this gorgeous list. We will check these out! We went to Grand Dukes, that places is a TRIP.


Posted on Tuesday 20th August, 2013, 10:09am

You can find fantastic bacon buns at Bridgeport Bakery on Archer for your Lithuanian portion. Some of the very best in the city!

Also, a family favorite (we’re of Polish descent) for Polish cuisine can be found at Przybylo’s (White Eagle Banquets) on Milwaukee Ave. I think that technically might be in Niles, but it’s close enough to city limits. Staropolska and Old Warsaw Inn are also fantastic.



Posted on Tuesday 20th August, 2013, 2:20pm

Julie! Thank you so much for your info, these are great…

The Sister Cities Project - An Introduction

Posted on Friday 23rd August, 2013, 9:29am

[…] you’re new here, a refresher: John and I are trying a signature dish from each one of Chicago’s 28 international sister […]

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